Workshops in each V4 country

The webinar will take place on the created online platform. The webinar will be conducted in a playful way to engage students behind the screen and force them to take action. Three lecturers will gradually speak at the webinar.

National rounds of financial literacy quiz

Starting from 22th of November 2021

The national round will take place as an online competition. Students answer questions using their own devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers with an internet connection. While the questions are displayed to everyone on a common monitor, which also shows the progress results.

The national round will contain a total of 20 competition questions related to all 6 areas on which the project focuses. The national round will take place in the mother tongue of the country. The two students with the most correct and at the same time with the fastest answers will advance to the Grand International Final.

The best 8 students (2 in each country) win a financial prize of 200 euros for their schools!

In total, we will distribute up to 1.600 euros to schools in V4 countries.


22th of November 2021


8th of November 2021


22th of November 2021

Czech republic

8th of November 2021

The Great International Final
Financial Literacy Quiz

Two representatives from each country will advance to the grand final. This means that the grand final will be attended by a total of 8 best (2 Czechia, 2 Slovakia, 2 Poland, 2 Hungary). The questions asked in the grand final will be in English.

The Grand Final consists of 30 questions – whoever has the right and fastest answers wins The whole event will also be streamed on youtube and will be open to the public.

From public broadcasting and good online advertising, we promise greater potential audience intervention and the promotion of financial literacy as such.

The best 3 students win financial prices 300, 500 and 700 euros for their schools!

In total, we will distribute up to another 1.500 euros to schools in V4 countries.

This project is supported by Visegrad Fund